Welcome Letter by our founder Tara
Our mission is to heal your loss, so you are no longer grieving and can fully enjoy life again!
image A Warm Welcome to Aid for Grief!  First, let me say that my heart goes out to you because, obviously, if you have found our website then you are grieving and need a solution.  I used to question whether I would ever recover from losing my husband, Ian, but that was before I put all the pieces together and developed my healing 3-step process.  The Good News Is, I'm sharing my solution with you, so you too can recover from loss and transform that painful hole grief has left in your heart into complete joy again!

It's possible you are looking for a solution for someone you care about who is in pain and grieving.  I welcome you all, as our solution can be easily gifted (it's the perfect lasting gift at memorials for your loved ones instead of flowers or food). 

Once upon a time I thought that the sky could fall and I would be alright because my love for my husband made me feel like I could take on the world, and his love for me made me feel invincible.  I knew no matter what changes I had to endure, that I would survive.  Without a doubt no matter what happened, my husband and I had each other; a rock solid team based on true love.  He was the only thing in the whole universe i knew I could count on no matter what...  UNTIL HIS PLANE CRASHED, and my whole world crashed right along with losing him.  I share this with you because I overwhelmingly discovered, as you will too, that the same love that created the bond you shared with the person you've lost will be your source of strength and courage to help you heal your grief.  You can and will heal, and I'm so happy to share with you my 3-step grieving process.  You will soon see that there is an even more beautiful life than you ever imagined waiting for you just on the other side of grief.

Just like the clouds hide the sunshine from earth, so does your grieving shadow your world temporarily.  The clouds go away, and so does your grief.  The joyous sunny bright world is always there behind the clouds, even though you may not see it right now.  You are strong because you have already taken the first step and found our healing 3step process, and i applaud you for doing so!  I look forward to hearing Your success story!

Do you wonder what our logo means? It symbolizes the tree of life. The cycle of life occurs when the leaves fall from the tree, but the essence of the leaves live on in the tree just as our loved ones who have died live on in our hearts. The person with outstretched arms means that when a leaf falls from the tree we are there to help. We send you love and peace, and will guide you smoothly into the joyous life you deserve!

I Welcome You with a Warm Heart to Aid for Grief, Tara

Services We Offer:

  • Grief Aid Video Series- 12 videos total -   1 Year Membership Plan
  • Grief Aid Video Series -   1st Month is Free to Try
  • Grief Aid Video Series -  Love After Loss (Release date= Valentines Day 2014)
  • Coaching - one to one, over the phone or in person at our office in Hawaii
  • Classes offered for group coaching in Kapa'au Hawaii
  • Grief and Loss Healing 7 day Rejuvenating Retreats - offered in Hawaii/Seattle/and Vancouver BC
  • Grief Aid MP3s for download (releasing in 2014)
  • Grief and Loss Warrior Training - helping others  (Release date= July 5, 2015)

Our Company, Aid for Grief, has the singular goal of helping others clearly navigate through the often very painful and confusing grieving process.  We do this by providing relief and expert healing aids through the use of several combined techniques such as visualization and anchoring all rolled into an easy 3-step patented series of healing videos.  Gone are the days of seemingly endless suffering while grieving and hoping that time alone and traditional methods will heal all wounds - Aid for Grief is your solution if you have suffered a loss!