Our Heart Goes Out To You, Welcome!

Aid for Grief's foundation is our heart felt mission to help those grieving a loss using our healing 3step process that we've incorporated into our videos and retreats.  It was developed by our founder, Tara.  Becoming a widow and grieving the sudden loss of her husband, Ian, in a plane crash was the biggest challenge of Tara's life.  That experience fueled her passion to form Aid for Grief, so others can experience a shorter and easier grieving journey.  Tara initially started studying psychology and visualization techniques while in college, but after several losses in her adult life she began a more intensive study of ways to heal grief.  Our founder has her Masters Degree, but went on to get Certified as a Life Coach.  Tara also practices neuro-linguistic programming with a focus in the area of Grief and Loss.  She just knew in her heart that as she put together all her favorite healing techniques into Aid for Grief's 3step process that it would help others find joy again, as it worked so beautifully for her.  It took years to gather all the bits and pieces of the whole healing system, but finally it all came together!  What a tremendous relief and how awesome it is to see the bright wonderful world with a happy heart, as she can now think of everyone she's lost over the years with a loving happy smile.  We are excited to share her 3step process with you, so you too can experience a world free from grief!

We are passionate about our healing 3-step system!
Our healing 3 step system consists of easy to use tools to save you from 100s of hours in therapy, countless afternoons reading grief books, and several years of grief and sorrow!  We don't frown upon standard therapy and reading like Tara said in her letter (see 'about us').  However, we do promise that our healing video series will make your journey through grief a shorter and less painful one.  There is no way for us to know Exactly how you feel, but grieving can cause the same  intense emotions in us all such as confusion or a foggy feeling, panic feelings of being overwhelmed, dread of the future, and other unpleasant emotions.  We have the trusted 3 step solution to ease all your rollercoaster reactions associated with your grief, and show you how to expertly heal and move through all the grief bursts that come upon you.  We are comforted by helping you find joy.  Aid for Grief knows that the same loving heart inside you that left you grieving yesterday will give you courage and strength to find joy today.  You have already taken the first step forward to heal your grief by visiting our website; please click on our videos to learn more.  Much Love from all of us at Aid for Grief!
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