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We decided to add our client's successes and thoughts here, but first we need your approval to post your information.  Please send us an email with the subject line "testimonial", as that will let us know that you approve your comments to be posted here.  Also, please specify how you'd like your name to read as well (first name only, or first and last name with your city).  Thank You, as we deeply appreciate all your kind words to us! 

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I went from barely able to get out of bed to feeling joyous and happy again.  I never thought I would feel joy after my wife died, but Aid for grief gave me the healing tools to transform my life.  Now I am dating, and hopeful I will remarry soon.  Thank you Aid for Grief!

Kevin Segman - Wheeling, IL

Thank you to everyone out there, shop around (I did), look at the rest and then come back to the best "home" on the web.

John Winston - Tallahassee, FL

Kevin's stuck on it. He loves it. You've helped him find happiness again!  He'd have it put on his license plate he loves Aid for Grief so much...

Dayna Asheton - Alachua, FL

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